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IT kompaniya

veb sayt yaratish

web sayt yaratish

web-sayt yaratish

veb-sayt yaratish

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SMM xizmati

Sun'iy intellekt

CRM sistema

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Создать сайт


Создать мобильное приложение

Создать телеграмм бота

СММ сервис

Искусственный интеллект


Создание интернет-магазина

Дизайн логотипа

create a website

IT company

create a mobile application

create a telegram bot

SMM service

AI Artificial intelligence

CRM system

Creating an online store

Logo design IT Group

We help solve problems in the field of IT. We create any type of website, telegram bot, mobile application, online store and CRM system for you!

DelX Uz

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A strong team IT Group the team consists of professionals who are professional and experienced in all aspects

Fast and quality work

We always provide our clients with projects that are perfect in the short term

Affordable prices

The price of our services will definitely be a reasonable and correct choice for you and your business IT Group

a complete solution for the growth of your business

We help solve problems in the field of IT. From scratch to software development of any complexity, we create ready-made applications, information systems for business and government agencies, portals, personal accounts and mobile applications.

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